Could Ford return to La Sarthe with a new Ford GT?

The 50th anniversary of Ford’s victory at Le Mans with the GT40 Mk II is coming up in 2016 and Marshall Pruett over at Road & Track believes the Blue Oval has something special planned for the occasion.

R&T’s motorsport expert offers up significant evidence for his claims (you should probably go over there for a full explanation) but there seems to be two goals.

One — Ford will be heading back to La Sarthe to again contest Le Mans to celebrate the anniversary. This requires Ford to build a new GT program for the effort. Except, there’s one problem — what car will they take to France?

And here comes goal number two: the Blue Oval will build a new Ford GT to be revealed at the North American International Auto Show in January, just a few short months away.

Ford’s last GT rolled off the assembly line in 2007 and the car continues to race today in a number of series. A new generation of the car would certainly be welcomed, but all we have is a hypothesis at this point.

We’ll just have to wait with anticipation in hopes this theory proves true.


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