But, the more I want to hate it, the more I like it

We are having a tad bit of conflict at Autos.ca today and we need your help.

You see, Volvo decided to show off their newest Detroit-bound model today — the S60 Cross Country you see above — and the levels of love and hate around here are off the charts.

The more I look at the S60 Cross Country, and the more I know I shouldn’t like it, the more I am falling in love. Sure, as an automotive journalist I should have the stereotypical reaction of “all crossovers are bad,” especially when they are slightly copying the BMW X4 in the “four-door coupe crossover” segment. But, this time, I just don’t. This S60 Cross Country looks weird…but, in a good way. It kind of reminds be of the Local Motors Rally Fighter.

But, dear readers, I have an editor. His name is Jonathan Yarkony. And, well, he takes pictures of food and thinks cars like the BMW X4 are “not bad.”

I showed him a picture of this glorious Volvo and he said it looks like a donk. A DONK! How can this look like a donk?

Folks — you need to settle this for us. What is this Volvo?

The S60 XC is a _________.

Volvo S60 Cross Country

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