Can the Q60 go head-to-head with the BMW 4-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe?

Infiniti has released a teaser image of their next concept car destined for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month.

The new Q60 Concept coupe will eventually replace the current Q60 (nee G37 Coupe) that still sits atop the old G platform.

Details are scarce, with Infiniti only stating the concept’s “overall proportions and full-sized wheels placed out at the corners … make an unmistakable design statement and add to the exhilaration of the performance coupe.”

Just a couple of weeks ago, Motor Trend reported the Q60 would make its debut in Detroit after Infiniti executive design director, Alfonso Albaisa, stated, “On January 13, you’re going to see a concept car that’s very, very, very, very close to the next Q60.”

While the Q60 is likely to share the same powertrain as the Q50 sedan, it is expected to get a design all its own, much like the BMW 4-Series and forthcoming Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe.

Infiniti Q60 Concept

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