It’s not a gamechanger or a trendsetter, but the redesigned MKX might be important where it matters

Over at the Buick booth, a gorgeously styled long-wheelbase sedan is dropping jaws. Cadillac execs grinned wolfishly as they pulled the wraps off a 640-hp, 320 km/h missile fired straight at Germany. Acura had a supercar. Infiniti had a super-coupe.

And Lincoln? Well, they had a redesigned crossover. As Comic Book Guy might say, “Worst. Reveal. Ever.”

Well hold on there a sec, Internet Denizens. Do people buy supercars, concepts, or titanically powered sedans in any volume? No they don’t. Folks buy Buick Encore crossovers. They buy RDXs. They buy Q50s (as soon as someone explains that’s what the G is now called), and if it wasn’t for the SRX, Caddy would be dead in the water.

So while Lincoln’s new crossover isn’t about to make waves at a show that saw two twin-turbo mid-engined machines take to the stage, it is going to be of immediate impact to the people who want something a little bit nicer than a Ford Edge. The good news, then, is that this is a practical upgrade.

Lincoln’s styling is still verging on polarizing, but this one looks a little less like that Sam the Eagle from the Muppets than previous efforts. In the right colour, it even manages to look upscale.

On the inside, some much-needed nips and tucks update the interface with buttons and knobs for those frustrated by too much touchscreen technology. The seats have a ridiculous 22-way adjustability, which should make for supreme comfort.

Under the hood is a choice of engines, a base 3.7L V6 making 300hp, and a new 2.7L twin-turbo V6 making much more torque and upwards of 330 hp – while still getting better fuel economy. Both engines are attached to a six-speed automatic, and will be available in front- and all-wheel drive, at least for American markets.

Yes, Lincoln needs something to galvanize its brand image, and it could probably do with a giant paper bag to drop over the MKT. However, depending how quality control is handled for this updated mid-size crossover, they might have the backbone they need to make volume selling the type of cars that most people are looking for.

2016 Lincoln MKX-MS


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