Company’s first SUV will be world’s most powerful, world’s most luxurious, and have world’s silliest name

After listing various sales and marketing successes, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer both confirmed the imminent arrival of an SUV into the luxury maker’s lineup, and told us its name. It’s going to be called the Bentayga. Sounds like the sort of thing one might put on one’s unsightly rash. Bentayga: cures scrofula, gout and typhoid fever.

Actually, turns out that Bentayga is the name of a large rock formation in the Canary Islands, which makes you wonder why they didn’t call it the Bentley Gibraltar. Gibraltar sounds tough, impregnable, robust. Bentayga is a name for a topical ointment.

Nomenclature aside, this is Bentley simply responding to something their customers have been demanding, an SUV that’s a cut above the Range Rover in both price and prestige. Destined to be initially powered by Bentley’s staggeringly powerful 6.0L twin-turbo W-12, the Bentayga will eventually see plug-in hybrid technology (perhaps necessary for emissions-obsessed European cities), and the stout 4.0L twin-turbo engine lifted from Audi’s RS7.

The good news is that it’s not supposed to resemble a lifted Mulsanne anymore – the old EXP 9 F looked like the sort of thing Captain Ahab would cheerily harpoon in the face – taking design elements from the Flying Spur instead. Ettore Bugatti once famously called Bentleys “the world’s fastest lorries,” and it would appear we’re about to see that description come to life. Here’s hoping the appearance isn’t as ridiculous as the name.

Bentley Bentayga

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