You’ve not just got our attention, Acura, you’ve got our interest.

Well, we swore it wouldn’t happen, but they managed to make us excited again. After teasing a new generation of the NSX over and over again, to the point where a not-very-camouflaged version led a parade lap at an ALMS race, many people had become somewhat weary of Acura‘s mid-engined supercar. The idea that it’d be a hybrid and sounded powered by a naturally aspirated V6 didn’t help.

But here’s the production car, finally revealed, and sweet mother of Ayrton Senna does it look the business. The new NSX is still gilled and vented up front, but the rest of the car is actually quite beautiful – and then there’s what’s under the sheet metal.

Three separate electric motors (one on the drivetrain and two up front) combine with a twin-turbocharged, longitudinally mounted V6 for a total power output that Acura claims is “North of 550 hp.” Helloooo. Add in a nine-speed dual clutch transmission, selectable driving modes (one’s actually Quiet, in case you live next to a nursing home) and the electrically assisted holeshot that’s supposed to provide instantaneous acceleration, and you’ve not just got our attention, Acura, you’ve got our interest.

However, don’t let all the electronic gizmos fool you. Just as the old NSX was more about balance than sheer power, so too is the new version – or so Acura claims. The phrase, “driver-focused” was mentioned so many times, you half expected the display screen to simply read “NOT A GT-R” in big bold letters. Acura would like you to think of their NSX as an American Ferrari.

That’s right, American. The NSX will be built in Ohio, and was developed in-house at Acura’s Performance Manufacturing Centre, also in Ohio. With hybrid supercars now on the cover of every magazine, it remains to be seen whether Acura can recapture the magic of the old NSX. From where we’re sitting, things look promising.


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