All-wheel drive F-TYPE R debut marks beginning of partnership between Jaguar and Bloodhound SSC

A communications test doesn’t seem like the most exciting thing in the world. But, when you’re preparing for a run at the land speed record with a target of 1,000 mph, even the most mundane systems need to be given the seal of approval.

Jaguar used this simple test to debut the next iteration in the F-TYPE range, the AWD F-TYPE R.

Seen in the video above, Jaguar and Bloodhound SSC tested the communications system for their record run by heading to the Hakskeen Pan in the Northern Cape, South Africa. The Jag and an unspecified jet aircraft set out on the desert, with a closing speed of 700 mph, to confirm the system’s functionality.

The new AWD F-TYPE R will make its public debut in Los Angeles later this month.

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