Evidence points to new top-end supercar in time for 50th anniversary celebration

Last week, we (along with many other outlets) assumed Ford may roll out the new GT350 on November 17, the day before the Los Angeles Auto Show. But, Automobile has another idea: the new Ford GT.

We know Ford will debut something on November 17 based on teaser videos the automaker has been posting with the date prominently displayed at the end. Also, the font used is decidedly Shelby-esque, further enforcing the possibility of a new GT350 or GT.

Automobile thinks based on some of the comments made by Ford representatives in the latest video that the automaker is gearing up to show off the new GT instead of the hotly anticipated GT350.

“Bolstering this notion are multiple flashes of new bodywork and sheetmetal, none of which we expect to play a major role in the GT350,” says Automobile’s Eric Weiner.

In the video, Ford global product development chief Raj Nair states, “We always wanted to capture what the vehicle needed from an engineering basis, working with design to deliver that and still have a very beautiful car.”

What do you think? Either we could end up with a new GT or a very aero-friendly Mustang. Either one is more than welcome to visit our driveways.


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