New 6.2-litre Hellcat Hemi could be shown at Spring Festival of LXs in California

It’s rumoured the yet-to-be-seen ‘Hellcat Hemi’ may get a reveal this weekend, but probably not inside a car.

Torque News is speculating, based on a few bits of information, the blown 6.2-litre V8 could be viewed by public eyes at the Spring Festival of LXs in Irvine, California. While some rumours also place the new 2015 Challenger at the event, it’ll more likely be shown next month at the New York International Auto Show.

UPDATE: We hear from a source “special” blanked out body panels and other bits and pieces have been working their way down the assembly line in Brampton. We may have a new Challenger very, very soon.

[Source: Torque News]

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