New Colour Studio allows greater personalization, retroactive to all Jukes

Already a striking vehicle – some would liken its looks to a smack in the face, or hitting every branch of the ugly tree on the way down – the Nissan Juke is not for those who shy away from attention. Nissan’s decided to enhance the extroverted nature of their little crossover further with a suite of colour customization options.

There are six base exterior colours for the Juke, and now twelve exterior accents are added to the palette, ranging from headlamp surrounds, spoilers, side sills – pretty much anything you want in contrasting colours. The program isn’t just for new Jukes either; if you’d like to zip up the look of your current car, Nissan will be offering the accessory program retroactively through their dealers.

There are other slight enhancements for the Juke this year, including standard push-button starter, and a refreshed look for the front and rear fascias. If you see one of these on the road in the Maple Leafs colours, be sure and pull over. They might need a jump start.


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