New model teased in top-down view outline before North American International Auto Show

Kia is not willing to rest on its laurels. After a very successful few years, the Korean automaker is looking to fill niches where it currently lacks product. The latest, it seems, will be a 2+2 sports coupe or hatch.

Designed at Kia’s Irvine, California design studio, the as-yet-unnamed model will probably be similar to the Hyundai Veloster in proportion and driveline.

However, in their press release, Kia stated the new car “is aimed at delivering head-turning looks whilst providing superb driving enjoyment whether on the road or at the track.” This little tidbit of information could hint at the vehicle being rear-wheel drive, possibly with the same running gear as the Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

More details will be available in the weeks leading up to the show in January.

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