Q70 (M) now available in long wheelbase form factor

Infiniti is bound and determined to become a more serious contender in the luxury segment. At the New York International Auto Show they demonstrated this want by releasing a new long wheelbase version of the Q70 – formerly M – full-size luxury sedan.

Along with a new long wheelbase, the Q70 also features a full exterior refresh to bring it more in line with newer offerings in the Infiniti range.

“We know our customers desire more choice and prestige. The long wheelbase Q70 is our offer to them,” said Stephen McDonnell, Managing Director, Infiniti Canada. “The Q70 delivers on all accounts – attention to detail, highly crafted materials, rear roominess, comfortable ride, and superior levels of interior quietness.”

In addition to the Q70, Infiniti rolled out a refresh to their QX80 – formerly QX56 – full-size SUV. AutoSpies.com named the QX SUV “Fudgie the Whale” when it was first released to the masses, and I think this description is still fairly apt considering the now cobbled together design language.

Images below.

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