Concept hints at production vehicle design, to be available in 2016

If you are looking at alternate powertrains but hybrids aren’t your thing, Honda has an extra choice to consider. Or, they will in 2016 when the latest Honda FCV goes to production.

Until then, this is the Honda FCV Concept, foreshadowing what the new 300-mile range fuel cell vehicle will look like.

Honda has given the newest FCV Concept a four-door coupe bodystyle with rear wheel skirts and a very futuristic front grille. The whole greenhouse looks to be made of glass thanks to some clever work with the A-pillar and roof rails.

The production vehicle will replace the FCX Clarity, a limited run fuel cell vehicle, with an increase in fuel cell energy density of 60 percent. It will also reduce the size of the fuel cell by 33 percent.

Honda will make a fuel cell infrastructure announcement this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Honda FCV Concept

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