Revealed to background shots of the Hoover Dam, Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore, and a mighty Atlas booster rocket carrying the Apollo missions to the moon, Chrysler seemed to say, here it is, the 300: the most American sedan on the market today. Shh. Nobody mention that it’s built in Brampton, Ontario.

Much like the Dodge Charger, the 300C benefits from an interior and exterior refresh, as well as a restructuring of the model lineup. The base 300 Touring gets a new front end featuring a larger grille, and new rear treatment as well, which has exhaust tips integrated into the fascia.

Then, there’s a choice to be made. Either go with the sporty-looking 300S that features 20-inch alloys and black accents throughout, or move to the 300C Platinum for a more chrome-laden look. The interior of the S is more sport-oriented, and heavy on the blacked-out treatment, while the 300C Platinum gets optional two-tone luxury treatments, and a chrome ring on the steering wheel. Both come with a new rotary gear selector and metal paddle shifters are available.

Engine choices are similar to the current Charger range, from a 292 hp base V6 to the 300 hp V6 found in the 300S, to the optional 364-hp 5.7L V8. Sadly, we won’t see a redux of the mighty SRT8 model, but the 300S or C with a V6 and all-wheel-drive makes a great car for Canada. Particularly since we build it here.

New 300S sport (right) and 300C Platinum luxury (left) models

New 300S sport (right) and 300C Platinum luxury (left) models

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