The two concepts Chevrolet just showed in Los Angeles could not have been more different. One was the proverbial “We could do this,” while the other was a pull-out-all-the-stops “What If?”.

First, the sensible one: a ZR2 version of the Colorado mid-sized truck. Set up with king shocks, skid plating, a beefy front bumper with an integrated winch, and 18-inch alloys with a 4-inch wider track and beefy all-terrain tires, it looks ready to hit the desert or beach and run for miles. Under the hood is the 2.8L four-cylinder Duramax Diesel making 180 hp and 365 lb-ft of torque. Chevy says this engine will show up in the Colorado for the 2016 model year, promising even more towing and excellent fuel economy.

Those looking for a mid-sized truck can certainly look forward to the future. But what about those with a death wish? Oh, Chevy’s got you covered there too. With frickin’ lasers.

Meet the second concept, the wild Chaparral 2X, built as a virtual racer for Gran Turismo 6. With an on-board 671-kW laser creating pulsed shockwaves and generating 900 hp worth of thrust, pays homage to a 1960s racing past, and is at the same time a Blade Runner vision of what the future of racing might hold. Well, if we invent a way to surgically remove all sense of regard for personal safety – the driver lies face down in the same position as an Olympic skeleton sled and the car is meant to accelerate to nearly 400 km/h. Head first.

Like to have a go at it yourself? Happily, Gran Turismo has a reset button if everything goes horribly wrong.






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