Ever wondered what an Audi TT with four doors would look like? Wonder no more

Audi has just dropped full details on their entire lineup for the Paris Motor Show opening tomorrow and it includes one wild concept along with some forbidden fruit to add to our European List of Lust.

Have you ever wondered what an Audi TT would look like with four doors? Well, the folks at Audi did, too, so they built one and have brought it to Paris for all to see.

Called the TT Sportback, the concept brings together the styling of the Audi TT and blends it with the idea behind other Sportback models in Audi’s range.

Under the hood is a 2.0-litre TFSI four-cylinder engine producing 400 hp to push the stretched TT to 100km/h in 3.9 seconds. Power is sent through a 7-speed S tronic transmission and quattro permanent all-wheel drive.

Audi TT Sportback concept Audi TT Sportback concept Audi TT Sportback concept Audi TT Sportback concept Audi TT Sportback concept Audi TT Sportback concept

Also on display are refreshed versions of the A6, A7, and derivative models (we covered updates to the A7 and S7 here).

Available elsewhere as the A6 Avant, A6 allroad, and RS6 Avant, in Canada we will likely only get the A6 and S6 models, limiting us to only four-door sedans. Current engines — 2.0T, 3.0T, and 3.0 TDI — are likely to continue in North America, even as Europe gets updated engines, such as the 1.8T ultra and 2.0 TDI ultra aimed at those looking for fuel efficiency.

There’s no word on availability or pricing for the newly refreshed models, but we will know more toward the end of the month.

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