Thankfully, we won’t have to see this car on our side of the border

When Nissan separated the Versa hatch and sedan models, you were given two very distinct choices: either drive the outgoing hatch or new Versa Note, both handsome in their own ways, or take the cheap route with the exceptionally ugly Versa sedan.

Now Nissan has given their little pig some lipstick to make it look like its older, prettier sisters. The 2015 Versa sedan receives larger headlights and standard chrome grille surround much like other Nissan models, along with new-look fog lights.

Around back, the model also receives a bit of a nip and tuck, but overall the vehicle sports the same “pinched on the ends” silhouette that’s made the model look so ungainly.

Since Canada will have the new Micra (we’ll have more on that in May), we won’t have to deal with seeing the Versa sedan on dealer lots north of the border. This is a US-only model, thankfully. However, if Nissan builds those awesome IDx concepts, we’ll forget all of this ever happened.

Nissan will show off the refreshed model next week at the New York International Auto Show.

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