Honda Fit EV
Honda Fit EV. Click image to enlarge

Los Angeles, California – Honda has unveiled the all-new 2013 Fit EV (Electric Vehicle) at the Los Angeles Auto Show, with the announcement that it will be available for lease in select markets in California and Oregon in 2012. In early 2013 it will expand to six markets on the east coast.

The Fit EV will start at US$36,625 with an estimated lease price of $399 a month. Honda will monitor market acceptance but expects early volume to be approximately 1,100 vehicles over the next three years.

“The Fit EV is the next critical step in Honda’s portfolio approach to alternative-fuelled vehicles,” said John Mendel, executive vice-president of sales at American Honda Motor Company. “There is no other automaker on the planet whose spirit is more deeply invested in the effort to realize a cleaner, more energy-efficient and ultimately more sustainable transportation future than Honda.”

The Fit EV will offer an estimated driving range of 198 kilometres on a single charge. It uses a 20 kWh lithium-ion battery and 92-kilowatt coaxial electric motor derived from that used in the FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle. A three-mode electric drive system adapted from the CR-Z Sport Hybrid allows the driver to select from Econ, Normal and Sport.

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