by Paul Williams

I’ve never been one to use the new “waterless” car washes. I don’t know – I actually like washing my car, and I’ve been worried that waterless solutions may capture the dust and scratch the finish. However, I attended a big British Car Day last weekend, and drove my gleaming E-Type Jag 200 km to the event. Unfortunately, I drove through a rainstorm, and by the time I got there the rain had stopped, but the car was covered in dust and waterspots. No place to wash it, and you can’t drive an older British car through a car wash, plus I’m the guy at that does the cleaning stuff reviews. So I bit the bullet and bought the only waterless product I could find at the local CTC, called prolong.

This stuff is easy as 1-2-3. Spray it on an area of your car, spread it around with a dry terry cloth, then buff to a shine with a second terry cloth (I used a couple of soft bathroom towels). Now, as I say, my car is typically kept in good condition, and it was cleaned earlier in the week, but my, my, that was a shiny shine, and it looked pretty good to me.

Looked pretty good to everyone else, too, because can you believe this? I won the Best Exterior plaque out of 150 registered cars! True!

I’ve since used it on a couple of other cars, and on some windshields and chrome bumpers. I’m not going to buy shares, mind you, but I’m certainly impressed. Yes, indeed. prolong. Good stuff!

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