Voodoo Ride products: Juju, Hexx and Sikq (L to R)
Voodoo Ride products: Juju, Hexx and Sikq (L to R). Click image to enlarge

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Review and photos by Russell Purcell

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Voodoo Ride car care products

Next time you go to the local auto parts store take a walk through the car care section. I have no doubt that you will be blown away by the sheer variety of consumer products available to maintain the appearance of your car’s paint, chrome, vinyl and rubber. A recent entry to this crowded arena is a Chicago, Illinois based company called Voodoo Ride. Now in a world where image is everything, car guys tend to like slick packaging and celebrity endorsements. Such is the case with Voodoo Ride. The products all come in shiny black containers differentiated by a series of coloured skull graphics, and NASCAR hot shoe Dale Earnhardt Jr. is not only a spokesman for the brand, but co-founder of the company itself.

MOJO – All Surface Speed Detailer

As a an automotive photographer I often find myself needing to touch-up my subjects once I get them on location, and as a result, I have tried most of the so-called “quick” detailer products on the market. Some are great, while others make a mess, but Voodoo Ride’s MOJO proved impressive. I took it along for a two-day (and near 2000-km) test drive of the 2009 Nissan GTR. When used in conjunction with the company’s own JAKD micro fibre cloths I was able to restore the Japanese rocket’s finish to a photo-shoot-worthy level with very little elbow grease. Now the key to this, as with any speed detailer, is that the car already possesses a healthy coat of wax, but anyone who is aware of products like MOJO, is no doubt someone who maintains the appearance of their automobile. The spray is directed with enough control from the can that it is easy to avoid overspray, and the wax itself quickly wipes to a haze, which is easily buffed off with a clean towel. The only hiccup I found with this product came when I attempted to use it on a day when the can had been left in a cold garage overnight and I had not allowed it to warm up before attempting to spray it on a panel. That was messy. Once the contents of the can warmed up the flow rate was back on track and the product continued to prove itself throughout the day. Voodoo Ride marketing materials claim that MOJO can be used on virtually all solid surfaces, but I did refrain from applying it to the car’s windows, as the late summer temperatures caused it to dry too quickly when it contacted the glass, and as I was on the road and not in my driveway, I didn’t want to do anything I couldn’t quickly reverse.

JUJU – Car Wash Concentrate

While conducting research for a recent feature article on automotive detailing I asked an expert to try several of the Voodoo Ride products I had on hand. When I returned to get some feedback, I was surprised to hear that the JUJU wash soap was one of his favourites. He was impressed with its quick sudsing action and its ability to lubricate the car’s surface so that grit and debris safely floated away from the car’s finish. I found the suds long lasting and eager to cut through grease and road grime, even on heavily soiled rocker panels and wheels. I was also impressed with how little of the concentrated soap I actually needed. The soap is biodegradable and will not strip wax or polishes from your car’s surface.

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