Ultima car care products
Ultima car care products. Click image to enlarge
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Review and photos by Jeff Burry

In my never-ending quest to find the ultimate car detailing products I decided to go online and see what I might discover. The shelving in my garage is filled with various cleaners, washes and polishing products – all of which produce a respectable finish but provide me with an eye-sore as soon as the garage door is opened.

Like any respectable gear-head, it seems I have been “self-tasked” to find that perfect product, that “golden nugget” of the auto detailing industry. Recently I stumbled across a web site called Autopia Car Care located in Bradenton, Florida. The web site provided a wealth of information specifically focused on every imaginable car detailing product complete with a “live help” interface. Now we’re talking!

Ultima car care products
Ultima car care products. Click image to enlarge

After relaying my credentials to a very helpful sales representative I soon received a package at my door containing various “Ultima” car care products. Much to my surprise, the Autopia folks had sent me a complete car detailing kit – the Ultima Clean, Protect and Preserve Paint kit (ULT-1100). Supplied with the kit was an instruction guide, buffing towels and various applicators as well – impressive!

Coincidentally, or as fate would have it, one of my friends recently imported a 2001 black BMW Z3 from Texas. Sounds like the perfect specimen to try these products on. Upon making arrangements to detail the BMW, I quickly browsed through the instruction guide supplied.

While I am not a big fan of “multi-step” detailing systems (simply do not have the patience or time) nor am I a fan of “reading instructions” (most men aren’t I think) but thought it would be in my best interest to do so if I were to use these detailing products on someone else’s prized possession.

Ultima car care products
Ultima car care products. Click image to enlarge

The instruction manual was simple to follow, written in plain language and provided all the necessary information even for a complete novice. The Ultima Clean, Protect and Preserve Paint kit could be applied in five very easy steps.

Step One involved washing the vehicle using the Ultima Wool Wash mitt and the Paint Guard wash. Believe me, a capful of this is all that is required and is plenty to do even a full-size vehicle.

Once the vehicle had been washed and sprayed down, a Sonus Der Wunder microfibre drying towel was supplied to wipe the surface clean of water beads. This microfibre drying towel is nothing short of a “miracle worker.” Any remaining water beads were easily removed with one swipe of the towel.

Step Two involved using the Ultima Elastrofoam Paint Cleaning system. This is a replacement system for automotive detailing clay products. It removes bonded contamination from paint, glass, chrome as well as plastic. The cleaning lubricant, supplied in another bottle was sprayed onto the vehicle’s surface as well as onto the Elastrofoam block which contains both a foam side and a rubberized side. Using the rubberized side, you gently rub the block over the metal surface covering one small area (front fender) at a time.

After several gentle passes over the area wipe it dry with the supplied Sonus Der Wunder Microfibre polishing towel and move along to the next area (driver’s door). Work your way around your vehicle and before you know it you will have arrived back at the spot in which you begun. The surface should be as smooth as polished glass!

Ultima car care products
Ultima car care products
Ultima car care products. Click image to enlarge

Step Three involves applying the Ultima Paint Prep Plus non-abrasive polish using the Autospa applicator. This polish will smooth away those pesky swirl marks, water spots and light surface scratches. Very, very little has to be applied to the applicator and as previously indicated, just complete one small section at a time.

The nine-year-old black BMW was now really starting to show a clear, deep and brilliant luster. Once the polish is applied, it should be buffed off using the Sonus Der Wunder microfibre polishing towel. Did I mention that this was actually a very pleasant detailing experience? Like applying paint to a wall, this detailing process produced very impressive, instant results. Just two more steps to go!

Step Four involves using the Ultima’s Paint Guard Plus product. It contains a wax booster technology that will provide for and allow your vehicle to maintain that deep luster and shine. Another microfibre applicator is supplied to apply this product. The best part is that it takes less than ten minutes to apply and you simply “mist” it on the included microfibre applicator. Simply apply in a circular motion to the surface – and walk away!

Essentially you have now completed the “step” system. Autopia also included an Ultima Detail Spray Plus (Step Five) which can be used for light detailing jobs but is certainly not required immediately following completion of the previous four steps. Total time – one hour and forty-five minutes from wash to shining like a diamond in the driveway!

If you have a busy lifestyle juggling family, friends and work, it is not always easy to carve out time to spend an afternoon washing and waxing one’s vehicle. The Ultima line of products described above simply “cuts to the chase” providing for that deep professional finish, the type that usually entails dropping your car off for a day.

As for availability, well there are no retailers here in Canada however Autopia do ship to Canada. The ULT-1100 kit retails for $160 US and in my opinion is worth every cent (and no I do not have any relationship with the Autopia folks) given the multiple products, mitts, towels, applicators, etc. contained within the kit.

All pricing details are available online and Autopia is currently offering a 15 per cent discount with the code “Autos.”

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