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What if I told you that you could eliminate 100 percent of the work required to wax and polish your car? You’d think I was insane right? But I believe you could do exactly that using the Meguiar’s DA Power System.

“Pfft!” I hear you scoff, “You’d still need to plug it into your drill, lift it up, move it over the car – that’s hardly removing 100 percent of the work. More like 50 percent.”

And you’re right – but you’re forgetting the one thing about power tools that make them so awesome – they are fun. Really fun. Now usually, they are also extremely dangerous, so your children aren’t allowed to play with them, but with this thing the danger is minimal.

So when your daughter says, “Daddy, I want a turn!” you can hand it over, and voila! Your car is waxed and polished with you doing absolutely no work at all, genius, right?

Meguiar's DA Power SystemMeguiar's DA Power SystemMeguiar's DA Power System
Meguiar’s DA PowerSystem. Click image to enlarge

Okay, so that scenario is a little far-fetched, but I can tell you that the DA Power System was fun to use, my daughter did want to have a go, and I got about as good results as my aging Passat’s pitted and brutalised paint work would allow.

I also managed to do the first run of polish over the car in about 20 minutes.

So how does it work? The DA (dual action) Power System connects directly to your power drill on the drill’s low speed setting. The connection is just like a normal screwdriver bit which sits in the chuck – my drill has a hand chuck and it was easy to whack the Power System in. From there, you can use the handle on the tool itself, plus the drill to control the system. The pad spins and moves in and out (that’s the dual action bit) to apply polish or wax evenly over the surface of the vehicle. Meguiar’s says that results in a better finish than you can get by hand.

Apart from the weight of the drill itself, there isn’t a lot of effort required — push down firmly if you want to get a really solid cut to repair a minor scratch or chip, or more lightly if you’re just doing maintenance.  I was nervous about the paint on my Passat – it is a 300,000+ km car with the associated paint chips and wear to match, but the DA Power System didn’t eat into any of those. It was as light as my hands would have been, but again with a fraction of the effort.

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Meguiar’s Canada

You can use the tool with a compound, wax or polishing pad, so you can complete a full paint protection regimen with it. Now I love our Passat, but she’s an old girl who’s had a long and energetic life. Too much time being blasted by highway wind, sand, rain, dust, truck spillage and snow have left her looking a little worse for wear and there was only ever so much I could do to get her gleaming. So I only did a “proper job” on one guard, and gave the rest of the car a quick and dirty once over with the waxing pad. I don’t think the results were any better than I could have done by hand, but the reduction of time, the lack of sore arms and the fun I had made this thing well worth the money in my book.

You can get the Meguiar’s DA Power System from Canadian Tire and other stores.

Meguiar’s supplied the unit tested for this article to at no charge.


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