Krauss Surface Saver
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Review and photos by Russell Purcell

I recently received a unique product to evaluate after I sought a solution to a problem faced by many home owners in Canada. I found that whenever I parked a car in my garage on rainy or snowy days I would track in enough water to create little streams that would inevitably find their way to the tools and belongings that I store along its periphery. After having the bottoms fall out of a few boxes and discovering substantial water damage to some fine furniture, I knew there had to be a better solution than killing my contractor or building a weekly dam out of bundled newspapers. A little research
led me to the Krauss Surface Saver, an innovative mat that takes two minutes to install, but should offer years of protection for my garage floor.

What is it?

The Krauss Surface Saver is a portable garage mat developed in Saskatchewan by company founder Mel Krauss. His patented design utilizes a heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester weave that has proven to be resistant to stains of all types (e.g. gas, oil, anti-freeze, water) as well as the stresses that are created when four hot tires roll to a stop on its surface. It has also been treated to resist ultraviolet rays, so prolonged exposure to the sun shouldn’t be a problem if you plan to use it in a carport or your garage features windows. Apparently, the original prototype unit is still in good shape even after over a decade of daily use.

How does it work?

Surface protection is a bonus in my books, as what I was searching for was water control. To perform this function, the perimeter of the Krauss Surface Saver features a 3/4-inch barrier that acts as a dam to contain water, snow and debris. This barrier is created by heat fusing a length of nylon rope within the mat itself. Car and truck tires can easily climb the small lip created by the rope without pushing the mat out of place or damaging the containment area. When the water starts to fill up, you simply mop it up, sweep it out the door, or vacuum it up.

Does it work?

To be honest, I have to say it works even better than I expected. My region of British Columbia has been hit harder than usual with wet winter and spring weather and the mat has been working overtime. I was shocked to see just how much water was being brought into the garage. Whenever I see enough standing water to form puddles, I simply grab a push broom and guide the water out the garage door. No muss, no fuss. I was impressed enough that I ordered one of these for my father for Christmas.

Krauss Surface Saver
Krauss Surface Saver. Click image to enlarge
Time will tell

I have now lived with the Surface Saver for about six months, and I must say that I am impressed. It stays in place without the assistance of adhesives, tacks or tie downs, even when faced with the torture of toasty hot high-performance tires, to tall, heavily lugged off-road tread.

When you first unroll the mat and lay it down it tends to be wrinkled from being packaged in a box. These wrinkles will settle over time, but this may take a little longer during colder months. Now that the temperature is warming up here in the Vancouver area, the surface of my mat is almost completely smooth.

At the end of the winter you may choose to clean the mat off, roll it up and store it away. My father has already packed his up as he lives in an area that is typically very arid and warm for the next five or six months. I am choosing to leave mine down as my personal vehicle is getting older and tends to deposit an occasional oil drip.

The good:

  • The mat is 7.5 feet wide and available in three lengths (16′, 18′ or 19.5′), so there is one perfect for any garage.

  • The unit is portable and easy to move around.

  • It can be rolled up for storage.

  • It cuts down on garage floor maintenance.

  • It is priced under $400.00

    The bad:

  • You have to like green, because it only comes in one colour. I think a gray unit would attract more customers as the garage would look less cluttered.

  • The mat is NOT suitable for cars with studded tires.

    For more information about the Krauss Surface Saver, visit them on the web at or give Mel a call at 1-888-577-2229.

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