Kozak Auto Dry Wash
Kozak Auto Dry Wash. Click image to enlarge

Story and photos by Frank Rizzuti

Lexol has long been a trusted name by auto enthusiasts for their leather cleaners and conditioners. The Atlanta-based company now produces a dry wash cloth that, they suggest, allows you to safely and easily clean and polish your car without water.

The Kozak cloth is made of long cotton fibres, woven to a plush nap, and it’s infused with a proprietary formula designed to safely remove dirt and dust from your car’s finish. The cloth measures 3.8 sq. ft. and it’s good for 50 cleanings, according to Lexol, and is priced at 11.99.

Lexol states that the Kozak won’t take the place of a wax or polish job and it will not remove tar, bugs, hardened water spots or bird droppings. What it will do, they say, is remove fine dirt, dust and with regular use, improve your car’s finish. If this product works as advertised, it will quickly become a useful tool for detailing your car, and Lexol offers a money back guarantee.

The instructions state that the car must be free of water and in the shade. The cloth should be used in a folded pad with light strokes to remove the dirt, and heavier pressure to polish. They also mention to give the cloth an occasional snap to knock out the excess dirt.

Kozak Auto Dry Wash
Kozak Auto Dry Wash. Click image to enlarge

I didn’t wash my car for over a week. This was agonizing as it is a weekly ritual to wash and polish my car — therapy if you like — and it had accumulated a noticeable layer of dust and marks. This should be Kozak territory!

Upon opening the package a medicinal, menthol-like odour emanated from the cloth (this could be the “exclusive formula;” although it smells like Absorbine jr). I found the Kozak cloth was easy to use, picked up all the dust and pollen, and didn’t scratch the paint. However it didn’t do anything to spots like fingerprints, no matter how hard I rubbed, and afterwards my hands were left greasy, which can leave even more marks.

Does it do what it claims? Well, yes, to a certain extent. But there are other products on the market that do it better. Meguiars and other manufactures have spray-on quick detailers that do a much better job. Would I buy one? I don’t think so. Invest your money in a quick detailer and some microfibre cloths: much more therapeutic.

But if you do buy one, keep that receipt for the money back guarantee.

Lexol products can be viewed at www.lexol.ca (currently under construction) and purchased at Canadian retailers listed on the site.

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