G-Floor by BLT
G-Floor by BLT. Click image to enlarge

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Review and photos by Frank Rizutti

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G-Floor Cover/Protector

Every gear-head dreams of a garage that is neat, tidy and organized: a place to hang out with the boys on a Saturday morning or a sanctuary to retreat to after a hard day’s work. One of the easiest ways to quickly improve the looks and functionality of a garage is to start with the flooring.

There are several types of garage flooring available, from plastic, foam and carpet tiles to various paint treatments (epoxy and enamel). All have their advantages and disadvantages.

Paint treatments require the garage to be vacant for at least 24 hours, meaning your precious vehicle(s), tools etc. have to live outside for a while. I have used such treatments in the past and within a few months the paint starts peeling and blistering. And if you park your daily driver in the garage during the winter months, the salt-laden snow that drips off the car will deteriorate the paint and the concrete.

G-Floor by BLT
G-Floor by BLT
G-Floor by BLT. Click image to enlarge

Plastic and foam tiles work okay; they are fairly inexpensive and install quickly. However, if you do any work on your car in the garage, some will not hold up to the pressure of using a trolley jack. The foam tiles are comfortable to work on, but they can stain and tear easily. In my experience, the plastic snap-together style is very hard on your knees. Another issue with these types of flooring is water: the plastic tiles sit slightly above the floor to allow drainage, but if your floor doesn’t have the proper slope, water can accumulate under the floor, leading to excess moisture in the garage. Similar issues with the foam tiles, which can absorb water. Not good if you’re storing an expensive collector car.

One product I found that addresses all these issues is G-Floor by BLT (Better Life Technologies) of Lenexa, Kansas. G-Floor is a roll out PVC based vinyl floor covering. It is available in four patterns (Diamond Tread, Smooth Levant, Rib/Channel and Coin Pattern) and eight colors (black, sandstone, royal blue, forest green, slate grey, brick red, silver metallic and clear). It is also available in two grades: commercial grade is .075 inch thick and industrial grade is .085 inch. Rolls are available in lengths ranging from 17 to 60 feet and widths from 7.5 to 10 feet.

The concrete floor in my garage was starting to show its age. Many years of winter snow and salt were causing the concrete to deteriorate. I also do a lot of work on my car in the garage so, for these reasons, I chose the thicker industrial grade. The measurements came to 13 x 24 feet, so I ordered two rolls of 10 x 24 feet. I decided to do a dual colour installation: slate grey down the middle and two strips of brick red along the sides (the lower portions of the garage walls are painted red and I thought that would look sharp).

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