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FastFlor tiling. Click image to enlarge

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Review and photos by Jeff Burry

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Fast-Flor tiling

About a year ago I was doing some research on the Internet hoping to find a garage floor product that would be both durable to vehicular traffic and would look great.

And by “look great” I mean I’ve always wanted one of those black-and-white chequered floors you see in the designer garages on TV. Tired of doing an annual repaint, I’ve been on the lookout for an effective product for years.

True, there are numerous paint and preparation products on the market, but winter is particularly tough on concrete garage floors, and every year, it seemed, I’d have to repaint. This annual project was becoming costly and frustrating.

In my on-line search for the perfect solution, I was pleasantly surprised to not only find a product, but to learn that its distributor was a Canadian company called Acclaim Design & Profiles Incorporated, located in Concord, Ontario.

Fast-Flor floor tiling
Jeff’s garage floor before installing the Fast Flor tiles… Click image to enlarge

What I found is the “Fast-Flor Diamond” system. It is an interlocking floating-floor system that can be used in garages, on decks, balconies and even in the basement or laundry room. Finally, a product that could be installed on my garage floor that would alleviate the need to paint every spring, not to mention, make me the envy of every male on my street.

In terms of the product itself, one other feature that I felt was brilliant for would-be buyers, was the ability to design your floor on-line. Only your imagination limits your design preferences. The product is also available in a multitude of colours.

Once this “design” step is complete, you just fill-in the necessary contact information and hit submit. Within 48 hours (in my case, the next day) you will have a price estimate, including taxes, e-mailed to you. It really can’t get any easier!

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