Crystal Glo Complete Car Care Set
Crystal Glo Complete Car Care Set. Click image to enlarge

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Review and photos by Frank Rizzuti

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Crystal-Glo Complete Car Care Kit

Car waxes and paint treatments fall into two basic categories: natural and synthetic. I have used both and the synthetic formulations tend to be easier to use and last longer, but depending on whom you ask there is no definitive answer as to which is best. I recently received a complete car care set from Crystal Glo, which is a synthetic formula, and was curious to see if it worked any better than the common line of products available from the auto parts store.

The set consists of the Crystal Glo Paint Treatment, Acrylic Total Wash, Leather and Vinyl Treatment and a polishing cloth.

Crystal Glo Complete Car Care Set
Crystal Glo Complete Car Care Set. Click image to enlarge

Crystal Glo Paint Treatment is an acrylic formula (synthetic) that claims to bring out a deeper, richer, more vibrant shine, fills in minor scratches and abrasions while it seals the finish with a long lasting Acrylic Protection. The company also states that it works on all paints, fiberglass, polished aluminum, glass and plastic. For best results they recommend applying the product twice the first time it is used.

The Acrylic Total Wash is a concentrated shampoo for your vehicle, that according to Crystal Glo, deep cleans, attacks grease, lifts off dirt and leaves no water spots or streaks.

The Leather and Vinyl Treatment claims to deep clean, condition and add life to your leather seats, dashboards, tires and rubber trimmings.
All of this sounds wonderful and the timing couldn’t have been better to test these out. My son just bought his first used car and it needed a little Crystal Glo TLC.

Crystal Glo Complete Car Care Set
Crystal Glo Complete Car Care Set
Crystal Glo Complete Car Care Set. Click image to enlarge

First was a wash with the Acrylic Total Wash. It worked well, removed all traces of road grime and dirt and even removed brake dust from the wheels with a little scrubbing. I purposely left the car to air dry and there were very few streaks or water spots left on the surface. My only complaint was the lack of suds, I like lots of suds!

Next was the Paint Treatment. Using the supplied polishing cloths we gave the car two full treatments of the Acrylic formulation and the results were quite good. Firstly it removed dirt that was embedded into the paint; we could see the dirt left behind in the polishing cloths. Next it left a deep rich finish and the color seemed much brighter. The polish was very easy to apply and even easier to buff off. The one disappointment was it didn’t do anything to the swirl marks or the minor scratches.

As a final touch we applied the Leather and Vinyl treatment to the tires, dashboard and rubber trim. It worked well, left a nice shine on all surfaces and it smells nice too.

Overall I was impressed with the results, and at $39.99 retail, it’s a good value. Crystal Glo is available online at or at your local Home Hardware store.

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