3M Headlight Lens Restoration System
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3M Headlight Restoration System

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Review and photos by Frank Rizzuti

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3M Healight Lens Restoration System

Plastic light lenses can yellow and haze over time, compromising headlight brightness and appearance of the vehicle. You can purchase a new headlight assembly, but this will be a very expensive solution; and on some older classic cars, these parts are no longer available.

3M has recently introduced a $29.99 Headlight Restoration System that promises to restore lenses to like-new condition. Recently I used this product to restore the very hazy headlight lenses of a 2004 Honda Accord Coupe.

Included in the 3M kit is a disc pad holder, soft interface pad, buffing pad, six-500 grit pads, four-800 grit pads, one-3000 grit pad and a pouch of Headlight Lens Polish. All that is needed to use the system is a household drill with an rpm rating of 1200-1600 (higher RPM drills can generate heat which will cause damage to the lens and is very difficult to remove). Basically, what you’re going to do is lightly sanding and polishing the lens.

The first step is to clean the lens with soapy water or glass cleaner. Next, 3M advises applying two layers of masking tape around the lens to protect the fender paint.

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