by Paul Williams

Color Magic by Turtle Wax
The hood on my black car is starting to look like a starry night in Northern Ontario. Dozens, maybe hundreds, of tiny chips from sand and stones, all highlighted by the various waxes that I use. The dealer says this has to do with the shape of modern cars, being low in the front, and an easy target for road debris. But can’t they make a more durable paint?

Anyway, here’s what I tried: Color Magic. This is a polish that contains dyes and pigments to match the colour of your car. I got the black stuff, of course, and believe me, it’s as black as the ace of spades. Color Magic is supposed to hide swirls and scratches, and I figured it might do something for my tiny chips.

I followed the directions exactly. Shake the bottle, apply the contents with a damp cloth, and buff lightly. The reality, however, is that light buffing won’t do the job. You need copious amounts of Elbow Grease to get your shine with Color Magic, and I found that applying it with a soft dry cloth enables you to get it off more easily. Do small sections at a time. Also, the colour pigments make a mess of your hands and your clothes, so don’t knock the bottle over onto your new white Nikes.

The result of my labour is that the swirls and almost all of the tiny chips are no longer visible. This is a good thing, and justifies the use of Elbow Grease, in my opinion. For big chips you’re going to need touch-up paint, but for the small stuff, Color Magic does what it says. It comes in a full range of colours, and is worth a look.

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