by Paul Williams

Armor All Multi-Purpose Foaming Cleaner
I’m a sucker for all-purpose cleaners, especially ones that do your wheels, your engine bay, your interior and your plastic and vinyl trim. Too good to be true? Armor All Multi-Purpose Foaming Cleaner claims to do all this, and more, so of course I bought some right away.

I first tried it on my tires as a replacement for my usual stuff. It did a poor job. Then I tried it on alloy wheels, and got similarly poor results. Okay, wheels aren’t its strong suit I figured, so I gave it a shot in the engine bay. Again, inferior results.

What next? Black rubberized bumpers? Not as good as my regular stuff. I really haven’t found anything this stuff works on yet, and it’s gathering dust in my garage. It claims to be Highly Effective, and the lightning bolt graphic on the can sure implies that it’s Powerful, too. I guess they were Highly Effective in getting me to buy it, but I reckon you should save your money.

It’s a big can, full of promise, but it just doesn’t seem to do much. Maybe it would make good shaving cream.

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