by Paul Williams

Shrunken Head
You know, there are accessories and there are accessories. In the late 1950’s, and 1960’s, realistic looking rubber shrunken heads became a very popular automotive accessory among hot rodders of the period. The shrunken head phenomenon swept the custom car community, with most cars sporting a head hanging ghoulishly from the rear-view mirror.

So, if you want to re-create the total 50s and 60s driving experience, you’re going to need one of these hard-to-find period pieces to decorate your car. Of course, you’ll probably want a hula dancer for your dashboard, too, for that beauty-and-the-beast look.

Hula Girl
Turns out, has what you need, from shrunken heads to hula dancers to fuzzy dice (illuminated, no less). Not to mention decorative skulls and skeletons for every occasion, and a selection of horns, including the Wolf Whistle, Raging Bull and classic Aah-Oo-Gah.

You can also get 8-balls for most applications, and a variety of bobbing-head cats and dogs for the rear deck. By the way, the hula dancers are convertible models, if you enjoy topless motoring, so to speak.

Great stuff. But there’s more. Ed “Bid Daddy” Roth’s famous “Rat Fink” decals are also available in a wide variety of styles and types. Get the decals and put them on your favorite shirt, or buy them already mounted. Other cool items are Marilyn Monroe steering wheel spinners, antenna eyeballs with vinyl flames, and pipe-organ speaker covers. You get the idea.

Rat Fink Race?
Prices are reasonable across the board, but are US dollars plus shipping and handling, so doubling these prices should cover everything. Heads range from US$5-30, Hula dancers from $10-20, Rat Fink decals a reasonable $5.00, flaming eyeball $7, illuminated dice $17 and horns from $25-50. I couldn’t find anything over US$60.00. Prosperity Press out of Las Vegas operates You can shop online, and no, the heads absolutely aren’t real.

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