Muscle Car Dream Garages, by Simon Green
Muscle Car Dream Garages, by Simon Green. Click image to enlarge

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By Russell Purcell

So you’ve worked hard and socked away a little money, or better yet, signed a huge endorsement deal. Maybe you came out on top in the lottery sweepstakes. Now the big question is what to spend those big bags of cash on? For most auto enthusiasts, a stable of automobiles is pretty high on the list.

Noted automotive photographer Simon Green has put together a very interesting book that gives us a peek inside the garages of some of the most famous (and infamous) stars from the world of sports, entertainment and popular culture. Muscle Car Dream Garages dedicates a chapter to each personality, fleshing out each individual’s unique tastes through a mixture of personal reflection and insightful captions, all made bigger than life through Green’s creative photography.

Mr. Green begins the book with a brief intro explaining how shortly after emigrating from England he became aware of American muscle cars through the star status they carried in most television shows and films. Weak on knowledge, but in search of muscular American iron, he found himself with the keys to a 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass. He loves his car, and wanted to create this book based on the concept that each of his subjects shares his infatuation with the American muscle car and the sense of adventure that comes with owning one.

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