www.Autos.ca and eBay.ca Motors are pleased to announce the new Autos/eBay marketplace, now operational right here on your favourite Canadian automotive site.

We’ve teamed up to provide a new way to buy and sell vehicles and automotive items. It’s the eBay auction, which many of you are familiar with, but with a Canadian flavour.

Here’s how it works: Click on the Auctions link in the Marketplace, and you’ll go to the Autos eBay.ca Motors auction page. You can buy, sell and browse the vast range of automobiles, parts and collectibles available (and while you’re there, take the opportunity to make this page your eBay.ca Motors homepage).

Click on the categories and sub-categories, and you’ll find all the listings will be located in Canada.

Why just in Canada? What about all the American stuff? Because for Canadian buyers and sellers, it can save you money. Here’s how.

If you’re buying, for instance, make a habit of checking what’s available in Canada first. If what you want is available here, you may be able to make a purchase that will avoid taxes, duties, exchange rate, brokerage fees and the high shipping costs associated with buying from the U.S..

For the same reason, if you’re a seller, dealing with Canadians takes advantage of our super-low shipping and transportation costs, making your items very attractive to local buyers. For example, sellers can offer low rates for shipping vehicles that are unheard-of in the U.S.

Even on small items, CanadaPost’s Xpress Post will cost you only a few dollars to send a small package across the country for two-day delivery. You just can’t beat that when sending to, or receiving from, the U.S.

As well as buying and selling vehicles, check for car parts and accessories, too. Wheels, lights, body panels and kits, seats, performance items, and spare parts for your collector car are all available.

As a long-time user of eBay (I’m p-car, by the way), I can speak with some authority concerning my experience with the world’s largest online auction.

And as a long-time associate of www.Autos.ca, I can see how an association between eBay and Autos makes a lot of sense. We’re betting that visitors to Autos will enjoy browsing the cool automotive items on Autos/eBay.ca Motors.

To get you started, eBay Motors.ca is sponsoring a contest. Enter the contest, sign up with eBay and win a digital camera plus $150.00 eBay money. Buy anything you want on eBay with it!

Make www.autos.ca/ebay your eBay home page today!

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