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Review and photos by Jonathan Yarkony

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2013 Ford C-Max vs VW Golf Wagon TDI
2013 Volkswagen Golf Wagon TDI
2013 Ford C-Max

As some of our readers have noted in our forum, comparing a diesel to an equivalent car with a conventional internal combustion engine isn’t a level playing field. Modern clean diesel engines incorporate a range of costly technologies, so a more appropriate comparison would be to a hybrid. Well, we had the same thought several weeks ago and secured the new Ford C-Max to see how the newest hybrid hatchback compares to the long-term Volkswagen Golf Wagon TDI then in our possession.

2013 Ford C-Max & Volkswagen Golf2013 Ford C-Max & Volkswagen Golf2013 Ford C-Max & Volkswagen Golf
2013 Ford C-Max and 2013 Volkswagen Golf Wagon TDI

We consider the Golf TDI to be the standard for fun, efficient, practical compacts at a reasonable price, so the C-Max would have to deliver its claimed efficiency, excellent packaging for a family of four, features and value that keep it competitive in the market, and a driving experience that will satisfy contented commuters or the occasional spirited drive.

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