The Engine Room

No, literally. The entire drivetrain is bolted together on a separate line to the bodies. The engine builders lovingly caress the driveshafts into position and bolt them in with F1-pit-stop speed and precision. One of the guys was wearing a Superman shirt, which was appropriate. Another one had a Hellcat shirt with a smokey burnout on it. Which was even more appropriate.

Notice the red calipers and the big aluminum supercharger cover on top? This one is a Hellcat drivetrain. MMMM… naked Hellcat.

Ergonomic Chairs

These guys float about in ergonomic chairs that allow them to move inside the developing Hellcat, pinning and pressing all the fiddly bits you don’t see into place.

There are more interior and exterior trim options, driveline options and the link than you can possibly imagine here. If your special order car is making its way down the line with an unusual or rare combination, alarms ring out to let the line know.

“Hey! Be careful with this one – it’s a half-sweet, light whip, two-shot hazelnut macchiato with a French braid and a medium-temperature cow lick!”

Match Made in Brampton

The painted chassis and its drivetrain are married together in mechanical matrimony about two-thirds of the way down the line. The drivetrain is thrust up into the chassis where 24 fasteners consummate the marriage in all of 24 seconds.

Bill the Door Man

This is Bill. Bill builds the door interiors for the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Chargers. Bill is also my father-in-law. Say hello, Bill!

“I’m busy, Jacob.”

When Bill and his team have finished the doors they get shuttled off to rejoin their car in the final phases of the production line.

“What does my daughter see in him anyway?”

A Hellcat is Born

Every 45-50 seconds a Chrysler 300C, Dodge Charger or a Dodge Challenger rolls off the production line.

A handful of them are this: a Hellcat. With 707 horsepower and clad in protective shipping plastic the Hellcat looks almost peaceful. Then it starts wailing.

The whole factory resonates with the noise of the 6.2L supercharged engine while the QA guys fight over who drives it across to the inspection bays and out then, out into the world.

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