Cool Displays


Well, this one was a slam dunk. Walk past that real-life Tonka truck, and you’ll come across the police. Only, the actual police you see are mannequins, standing among a timeline of NYPD cruisers. They run the gamut from a classic Ford Fairlane to a brand new Smart Fortwo decked out in the classic white and blue of New York’s finest.

SH: Cool Cars in High Places

Greeting showgoers at the New York International Auto Show is a Ford Shelby GT-H hanging vertically over the entrance doors, which is really pretty awesome in a “Hey, if you get a chance to hang a car from its nose, why not?” kind of way. It wasn’t the only cool car in a high place, either: Volvo had a pair of classic P-1800s watching over the show from lofty, inaccessible perches.

Interactive Fun

EW: Dodge Viper Simulator

“Can I stop working and just do this for the rest of the day?”

Dodge. They had a snake-skin vinyl wrapped Viper hooked up to a video game simulator. It let you turn laps on the Nurburgring in a car hooked up to a four-post rig. So when you brake, the whole car dives forward. When you hit a bump, the car bounces and shakes. It was a ton of fun, and I’m sorry for the virtual scrapes I put on their wrap. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. They told me what simulator it was running, but that was before I got in, started driving, and immediately forgot.

SH: Toyota LCD Glass Display

It doesn’t look like much in the photos, but Toyota’s Prius display is an impressive real-world application of switchable LCD glass, stopping showgoers in their tracks with its ability to instantly change from frosted to clear and back again, displaying images on the display panels in one moment and then revealing the skeleton Prius inside the next second. Score this display at future cool factor 10.

EW: Mitsubishi “Hey, we’re still here!”

Mitsubishi. I had trouble finding a couple of the smaller manufacturers, then a helpful show staffer told me they were way off in the North Hall. Walk past all of the big car makers, past the truck floor, past even the handful of random local tuners who had displays, walk past a replica of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and you get to the North Hall. Then walk past Subaru, past Fiat, past even not-long-for-this-world Scion, and at the very farthest point from the front door possible, you’ll find Mitsubishi. They didn’t get the best space, but they put on a show. And the play they put on was something to see.

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