LW: Many Zoom-zoom faithful live in hope that they’ll one day see the return of the RX-7, or at the very least a Miata Coupe. But as far as Miata purists are concerned, there’s no more egregious sin than unnecessary weight – violating the sacred “just add lightness” formula that’s the very essence of any proper two-seater.

Therefore, previous power retractable hardtop versions of the MX-5 were dismissed by the hard-core fan base for needlessly messing with its perfect simplicity. To me, a cloth top looks unfinished, like sneakers with a tux, while a PRHT offers the clean aesthetic of a coupe, and the opportunity for al-fresco touring.

So count me among those who fell –hard – for Mazda’s MX-5 RF, a cheeky little fastback, with a power sliding targa top that tucks away neatly behind its pert little rear end.

DH: Porsche 911R and Jaguar F-Type SVR

For me, this is a close tie between the Porsche 911R and Jaguar F-Type SVR, both of which made their North American debuts at the New York show. Both get naturally aspirated engines, both get all manner of functional and active aero, and both look very good. In the end, though, I give the edge to the 911R, only because I’m a purist and with its six-speed manual transmission, classic houndstooth seat fabric and rear-wheel drive is as pure as it gets. It also does a good job to recall the 911 Classic of 2010, one of the best 911 variants we’ve ever seen.

Show Highlights

PB: Alfa Romeo Guilia

The Alfa Romeo Guilia is a stunner, and it looks good on paper too. This BMW 3 Series fighter gets a new rear-wheel-drive based chassis that promises 50:50 weight distribution, helped along by aluminum fenders and doors, and a carbon fibre roof and hood. Go for the Quadrifoglio and we get a 503-hp twin-turbo V6 co-developed with Ferrari. Certainly good news for sport sedan enthusiasts.

SH: Trans Am Reboot

This, right here, is why GM should never have killed Pontiac. And while the modern-day Trans Ams from Trans Am Worldwide might visually be merely Camaros in different clothing, they’re some mighty fine looking clothes, and the beauty is more than skin deep: These bad boys (there were three on display) boast features such as T-top roofs, reverse-opening hoods, Hurst shifters, and an available supercharged Stage V LSX 454 that makes 840 hp and 790 lb-ft of torque. Just let that little factoid sink in while you drool over the screaming chicken hood graphics.

PB: Jaguar F-Type SVR
Does the Jaguar F-Type R need any more power and does it need to be any more insanely loud? Sure, why the hell not! Bring on the 2017 F-Type SVR – 575 horsepower, 200 mph, titanium exhaust, carbon fibre rear wing, cool hood vents and an exhaust blare that will have straight-pipe Harley dudes covering their ears.

LW: Koenigsegg Regera
With a candy apple shine so slick it appeared wet, the Koneigsegg Regera made its North American debut in New York on Thursday. The two million dollar hyper car boasts the sort of overt sexiness that you pretend doesn’t interest you, while secretly harbouring unclean thoughts. Boasting a ludicrous 1,822 combined horsepower the Koenigsegg Regera uses three electric motors in conjunction with a 5.0L V8 to jet from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 2.8 seconds. Since the engine is connected directly to the rear axle, this Swedish super car has no transmission.

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