MotoMaster 3-Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack
MotoMaster 3-Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack
MotoMaster 3-Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack. Click image to enlarge

Review and photos by Paul Williams

Got a nice new piece of kit for my garage from Canadian Tire. It’s a Motomaster steel and aluminum trolley (floor) jack, rated at three tons, item 09-1036-2 ($199.00). A visiting friend of mine was all over it.

“Awesome… look at that thing; I’ve gotta get one!”

Who knew people could fetishize a trolley jack? Although when it comes to shiny automotive things – and this indeed qualifies – I suppose there’s really no limit.

The reason I’m using this fine device is because last fall I had to stuff three cars into a two-car garage, and as you know, cars don’t willingly go sideways. The solution was to use another Canadian Tire product in the form of four wheel dollies (part number 09-0099-8; $79.99 a pair). You jack your car up one corner at a time and place a dolly under each wheel. Once in place you can move your car any which way without much effort at all. Even on the rough and broken (in places) concrete floor of my garage, the dollies did the job.

The problem, however, was the small $59.00 Michelin trolley jack I used, which proved insufficient in several areas. First, it didn’t jack the car high enough, so I could barely get the dollies under the wheels; second, the body of the jack was too tall, so it had trouble clearing the suspension for me to properly position it; and finally, the handle was too short, so when I did manage to get it in a good position, I didn’t have enough room to actually operate it.

On the plus side, it’s a lightweight and easily portable unit that’s been fine in the right applications. Just not this one.

Motomaster 09-1036-2 jacks at a whole different level. It’s a longer, lower profile jack that easily clears parts under the car so you can position it optimally. It has a lift range from 100-465 millimetres (4-18.25 inches), so it was able to jack the car up sufficiently for me to smoothly roll the wheel dollies into place. And in addition to being a longer unit than the Michelin, it has a much longer handle (sheathed in rubber at the bottom half, to protect your car), so you could, for example, get this jack under a recessed cross member or similar, and still have enough clearance to operate it.

MotoMaster 3-Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage JackMotoMaster 3-Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack
MotoMaster 3-Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack. Click image to enlarge

And when it comes to operation, this jack has a dual pump hydraulic lift system that lifts very quickly in comparison to the smaller Michelin jack. It operates like it’s been working out.

Another useful feature is that the handle attaches to the body of the jack via a universal joint that permits you to lift or release by simply rotating the handle accordingly.

While this jack is described as being constructed of steel and aluminum, the fact is, it’s a heavy item. At slightly over 26 kilograms (58 pounds), it’s not something you want to carry around, although there are two lift handles should you need to.

MotoMaster 3-Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack
Don’t forget to use a jack stand. Click image to enlarge

The jack arrives fully assembled in a sealed box except for the handle that comes in two sections, the lower of which is fitted with a screw. You simply remove the screw, slide the two sections together and refit the screw. The instruction booklet asks that you apply a small amount of grease to the yoke handle socket before attaching the handle. Once you’ve done that, the jack is built and ready for work.

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MotoMaster 3-Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

The wheel dollies, I should mention, are rated at 1,136 kg (2,500 lb) per pair. They feature heavy steel platforms, each with four wheels on nylon bearings. They do require some assembly which will take about a half-hour, and other than being somewhat awkward to handle, it’s a simple job and all parts are included (you’ll supply the wrenches and elbow grease). Like the jack, the dollies go on sale on occasion which may be of interest for items you’ll likely use only occasionally.

I should also mention that Canadian Tire offers a very low profile, high-lift two-ton Michelin jack (09-1052-2) with an impressive lift range of 70-610 mm (2.75-24 inches). Like 09-1036-2 above, it’s a dual pump jack but it weighs in at a very heavy 45.5 kg (100 lb). Not particularly portable, in other words. It may be even more suitable for vehicles that are very low to the ground, although it’s a pricier device at $299.99.

I’d recommend the Motomaster steel and aluminum garage jack, and if you need to move a car for storage, the wheel dollies, too. Both items are rugged and well-built, rendering a potentially tough job easy, and they carry the same warranty: exchange for one year.

Don’t forget that if you’re working under a car, be sure to use jack stands. Jacks are for jacking up the vehicle; jack stands keep it there.

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