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Review by Justin Pritchard

Cars are stinky devices. They can, at any given time, be home to dried doggy window slobber, ketchup-impregnated fries from the epic food-fight your screaming offspring initiated last summer, spilled smoothies, toppled tea, capsized coffee, and that musty hockey bag that leaves its aroma behind even after it’s been removed to the garage.

Or, maybe you’re a smoker. If you are, the need to hack a dart in your car has probably left the inside of your climate control system coated with particulate and residue that leaves it smelling, to your non-smoking passengers, like a taxi cab. Or, maybe you store your ride for the winter in a musty, damp garage, like me – and re-enter it in the springtime to find it smells like a soggy towel that’s been sitting in the bottom of the laundry bin since Christmas.

So yes. Cars are stinky. And maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I recently discovered a revolutionary new way in which one may deodorize one’s stinky car.

Bearing in mind that one can shampoo, scrub, protect, disinfect and otherwise spray, spritz and wipe without any hope of actually eliminating all offending odor-causing particles is a unique product I found from Emzone – a Canadian brand of car-cleaning supplies that’s been working with the professional side of the industry for years and is now breaking into the retail market.

The product lets you literally bomb the olfactory nastiness out of your car.

Here’s the premise. Get yourself some EMZONE Odor Out, start your engine, activate ‘recirculate’ and your AC, and place the metal canister full of magical wonder-fog on the front-seat floor. Then, push the seat forward, which encourages the climate control system to inhale the magical wonder fog. Pull the time-release trigger, shut the door, and come back in a few. The stink-stopping smoke is released into your cockpit, and it’s all a bit like a tear-gas grenade in a Michael Bay movie – though clouds of freshness gas are released from the canister instead, and smelly stink-particles hiding in your ride, not a roomful of baddies, are the victims.

Emzone’s miracle gas infiltrates the entire cabin of your ride. Plus, since you leave your air conditioner running, it’s pulled in through your entire climate control system. The cleanliness cloud contains chemicals that kill and neutralize mildew, mould and other nasty stuff that lives in your ducts. It neutralizes the olfactory evidence of your smoking activities. It gets under the seats, behind the panels and into the headliner, too.

Translation? Virtually everything in your car is exposed to the product. And you come back, a few minutes later, and smell nothing but delicious, crisp vanilla. I tried a treatment in the Viper after taking it out of storage in late May. Before, the cabin smelled musty, mildewy, a little like gasoline, and had a hint of cigarette smoke inside – since my friends sometimes smoke in my garage during winter get-togethers when it’s too cold outside. After the Odor Stop fumigation process, the only smell left behind reminded me of Dairy Queen soft serve. Slick stuff. There’s a spray bottle of Odor Stop ‘refresher’ you can use to help keep the cabin smelling nice between treatments, too.

And, if you don’t like the smell of vanilla ice cream, do like me: hang a scented cardboard pine-tree on the mirror, do a victory stretch, and head to the nearest patio chair for a grown-up beverage to bask in your own self-awesomeness.

Later, with a few samples of other products and some clean rags, I headed to the local Cruise Night to let some buddies try stuff out.

There was Emzone Window Cleaner, which like all window cleaner, cleans windows. The aerosol can is handy to use, the product is strong enough to slice through most hazy deposits, a little over-sprayed armor-all and even that dried-on doggy drool with ease. Plus, since it’s an automotive formulation, it doesn’t have any of the chemicals that could leave your window tint dried out and peeling like that fence you were supposed to paint four summers ago.

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