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By Glen Konoroski

Some of us must keep our vehicles outside year-round due to a lack of indoor space, but with advances in car cover technology, keeping your vehicle outside doesn’t have to be that traumatic.

This winter, my 1991 Honda Civic project vehicle was taken off the road and parked for the winter. To make sure if was covered properly, I contacted Performance Improvements to help suggest what kind of cover to use for both indoor and outdoor protection. They suggested the Covercraft 200 Series car cover made of three layers of polypropylene. This cover is their lower priced unit for outdoor storage.

The cover is made up of about 13 panels double-stitched together with elastic pleats stitched in at the front and rear edges. The elastic pleats at the front and rear allow the cover to fit snugly around the car without being too tight. In the case of the Civic we found that the cover did need to be tied under the car to both grommets in the middle of the cover top keep it on in high winds. The inside of the cover material is smooth and soft so there is no chance the cover will damage the car’s paint finish.

Like most good outdoor covers, the 200 Series material is resistant to water, mildew, dust, bird droppings and tree sap. As well, the 200 Series material is soft and thick enough to resist light hits and scrapes by humans and Mother Nature. This was well appreciated when we unloaded and placed a truckload of boxes around the Civic during its indoor storage.

When the cold weather began last fall, the Civic was moved outside. With wet snow and freezing rain in the forecast I decided to add a little more protection with an inexpensive blue tarp. To stop any movement of the tarp, I tightened it down well. Once the risk of heavy snow ended we removed the tarp and just left the cover on – which proved to keep just that much more water off the car.

Over the course of the winter, I was quite pleased with the protection of the Covercraft 200 series. I found no harmful affects made by the cover while it was on over the winter months.

During warmer months, the cover does a good job of keeping a vehicle relatively clean and the interior cooler. If your vehicle is unattended for long periods we suggest you use some clips around the car to better secure the cover.

Covercraft car covers starts at $198 and go up from there depending on the size – the covers are vehicle-specific in some cases. You can find the covers at most good automotive parts stores or go to for the directions to the closest retailer that sells their products.

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