Los Angeles, California – A lawsuit filed by electric car manufacturer ZAP against DaimlerChrysler, Smart and various officials will go to the California Supreme Court, according to ZAP.

The lawsuit was originally filed on October 28, 2005, alleging severe misconduct attempting to destroy ZAP’s business model to bring the Smart Fortwo to the American market. ZAP began marketing the Smart in the U.S. after Smart USA decided there was no market in the U.S. and closed its operation. Smart is now sold in the U.S. through a distribution agreement between Mercedes-Benz and Penske.

A procedural ruling by the trial court and the court of appeals determined that the defendants were not subject to the jurisdiction of the California courts. In response, ZAP has announced its intention to bring the matter to the California Supreme Court for resolution.

“Justice requires that the company and individuals who set out to interfere with ZAP’s business relationships and to disrupt and to steal ZAP’s customer base should be held accountable for their actions in California court,” said Steve Schneider, CEO of ZAP. Lawyers for the automaker expect the decision by the California court within approximately three months.

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