Toronto, Ontario – A new survey conducted by Angus Reid has found that while 82 per cent of Ontario drivers are aware of a hand-held cellphone ban that goes into effect this fall, and 90 per cent are in favour, younger drivers are most likely to ignore it.

While only eight per cent overall admitted they will likely continue to use handheld mobile devices while driving, compliance is lowest among drivers age 18 to 34, with 14 per cent of this group responding that they plan to continue to use them.

More than one in five Ontarians currently own at least one form of law-compliant technology, with nine per cent owning speaker phones, 20 per cent with wireless headsets, and 20 per cent with wired headsets.

Of those surveyed, 62 per cent of male drivers “strongly agree” with the legislation, while 25 per cent “moderately agree,” compared to 76 and 16 per cent of women drivers respectively. The highest level of support was among respondents aged 55 and older, with 94 per cent indicating that they will comply. Regionally, Northern Ontario has the highest level of compliance, with 98 per cent planning to obey the law, compared with 82 per cent in Eastern Ontario.

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