Smack Attack lets you be the best driver’s seat drummer in the world…or at least in your car.

We all do it. Even those of us (myself included) with no musical prowess what-so-ever. The inevitable steering wheel drum solo is a ubiquitous act that connects all gearheads. And now there is a steering wheel toy to help (or hamper) our in-car percussion fantasies.

The “Re-Inventing The Wheel” touchpad drum toy mounts to your steering wheel just like any other steering wheel cover. You can load it up with custom, downloadable drum kits and it connects wirelessly to your iPhone/iPod via an app. The toy even includes an FM transmitter for those who want to listen to their performance live on their stereo (advertising the frequency on your rear window can allow you to do impromptu highway concerts for others stuck in traffic!).

Smack Attack sells RITW for about $150. And, if you ever get pulled over while listening to Sammy Hagar’s “I Can’t Drive 55”, it’ll probably set you back an extra $300 or so.

[Source: AutoGuide]

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