April 23, 2004

Yokohama unveils new all-season high performance tire

Vancouver, B.C. – The new Yokohama Avid H4s/V4s line of all-season high performance tires combines best-in-class handling, ride and all-weather confidence for the owners of premium cars in Canada, Yokohama Tire Canada announced.

The new line of H- rated and V-rated tires is aimed squarely at the centre of the expanding market for performance all-season tires and represents the latest marriage of sophisticated compounds created for ultra high performance tires (UHPT) with optimized tire contact patch and a unique tread design.

“The Avid H4s/V4s was developed with the goal of achieving better traction, mileage and performance without sacrificing ride comfort,” said Sean Nakano, director of marketing for Yokohama Canada. “We have taken the best features of the original Avid H4/V4 and improved all-season traction and extended the tire’s usable mileage.”

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