March 15, 2002

Yokohama introduces next-generation Parada performance tire

Yokohama has introduced a new performance tire for the enthusiast market – The Parada Spec-2.

The original Parada, designed with the Street Tuner in mind, was introduced as the “most radical looking combination of blocks and grooves to hit the street”, remembers Stéphane Morel, Manager, Marketing and Communications, Consumer Products, for Yokohama Tire (Canada).

The tire is available in 16″, 17″, 18″ and 19″ sizes in 35, 40 and 45 series aspect ratios, including three new sizes (205/40ZR16, 215/35ZR19, 225/35ZR19). It is Z speed rated (149 m/h+) and carries a UTQG of 300, a traction rating of AA, the highest possible rating for wet traction, and a temperature rating of A.

Featuring the latest silica compounding technology, the second generation of Parada provides greater performance through a more evenly reinforced tread. The Parada Spec-2 preserves the unconventional tread design of its predecessor. Massive diagonal tread blocks have been specifically designed
to maximize grip by laying more rubber on the road. The low shoulder void increases the “rubber-to-road” contact during hard cornering and lateral acceleration. This increases shoulder block
stability and counteracts that “twitchy” feeling that comes with the application of larger, low profile tires on the small sedans prominent in the street tuner market.

A reinforced sidewall construction allows for more load carrying capability and enhanced steering response. To achieve this, Yokohama created a new casing cord and reinforced the rubber bead

Using advanced computer design technology, Yokohama incorporated helical long grooves in the Parada Spec-2. The angle of these grooves and their distinctive S-shape work to effectively evacuate water away from the contact patch to enhance wet traction. The variable tread depth adds stability to adjoining tread blocks, increasing tread block stability and reducing tread squirm during hard cornering and lateral acceleration. In addition, this Parada’s ultra-low void shoulder enhances the vehicle stability and minimizes groove wander. This innovative design decreases the groove area in the shoulder and increases rubber-to-road contact.

The Parada Spec-2 also incorporates a functional Rim Protector Bar (RPB) that helps protect expensive wheel packages from potholes and curbs. The sidewall has been specially designed to optimize the RPB placement and function.

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