September 13, 2002

Yokohama tire
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Yokohama introduces new AVS Winter performance radial tire

Montreal, Quebec – Yokohama has introduced a new Advanced Vehicle System (AVS) Winter radial with construction similar to its current ultra-high performance AVS line of summer tires.

Yokohama says the AVS Winter is a significant advancement in winter tire technology, offering both precise handling and superior traction in wet and slushy conditions while maintaining premium ride quality.

“There is a burgeoning market for high performance combined with safety,” explained Stéphane Morel, Manager, Marketing and Communications, Consumer Products, for Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc. “The AVS Winter is ideal for drivers who don’t want to compromise dry road performance or traction in winter snow conditions. With the AVS Winter, owners can be assured their tires will deliver the ride and comfort they expect from their vehicles in the most adverse Canadian weather.”

Morel said the new AVS winter tire offers the following advantages:

  • An asymmetrical tread design optimizes the different functions of the inside, centre and outside tread areas for improved grip and water drainage.
  • Larger blocks and ribs on the outside of the tread help maintain block rigidity for increased cornering capability at higher speeds, while smaller blocks on the inside of the tread help chew through snow and improve water drainage to reduce hydroplaning.
  • Improved braking and handling are delivered through three circumferential grooves that provide excellent lateral snow traction and high-volume drainage in wet conditions, with snow edges in the centre of the tread for powerful snow grip. These are augmented by a large number of fine, wavy sipes that effectively squeegee away water and slush for superior grip on ice. Three-pitch variation blocks help reduce tread noise.
  • An ‘Advanced Response’ compound with silica improves tread surface
    flexibility under low temperatures and allows the tire to stick to the road whether it’s snowy or not. A Zeruma agent provides uniform dispersion of the silica, resulting in increased silica content throughout the compound for better traction on wet surfaces and longer tread life.

The Yokohama AVS Winter radial is available in V, H and T speed ratings and 14-, 15-, 16-, 17- and 18-inch sizes.

“This tire will appeal to many drivers, particularly owners of performance vehicles,” says Morel. “The variety of sizes and speed ratings are designed to meet the needs of the expanding luxury and near-luxury segment where knowledgeable buyers demand no-compromise performance.”

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