November 5, 2004

Yokohama introduces new all-season Touring Tire

Vancouver, B.C. – Yokohama Tire is adding the new asymmetrical AVID TRZ to its
line-up in response to a growing demand in Canada for premium all-season Touring

“The AVID TRZ (Three Ride Zones) provides the ideal balance for all-season
performance,” said Sean Nakano, Director of Marketing.

“Each of the TRZ’s three zones performs a different function and contributes overall
to the tire’s ability to handle any road conditions. One of the zones provides
winter traction, another is specially designed for water evacuation on wet roads and
the third offers excellent summer cornering grip.”

While the AVID TRZ is asymmetrical, it is not unidirectional, which means it can be
rotated to all four wheels for longer, more even tread life.

The AVID TRZ carries a UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) of 700-A-B. The 700
signifies excellent tread wear, while the A indicates the highest rating for wet
braking and the B is the tire’s high grade for heat resistance.

It comes in 23 sizes to fit almost all 2004 automobiles and minivans, fits rim
diameters from 14 to 17 inches, comes in 55, 60, 65 and 70 aspect ratios and carries
a T-speed rating (190 km/h or 118 mph).

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