From bread and butter hatchbacks, supercars, and odd ball news, these were the top viewed news pieces of 2013

Here at the News Department (a.k.a. my home office), we try to compose a wide range of news pieces our readers may find interesting. Over the course of 2013, you’ve voted with your clicking fingers and we have compiled the “Top 10” most viewed items of the year.

In reverse order…

10: Mercedes-Benz Reveals Photos, Details On New C-Class

If you’re a fan of the new CLA, the next-generation C-Class is your rear-wheel drive option in a similar wrapper

This is the only luxury car on the list. And it’s no surprise as the C-Class is Mercedes-Benz’s go-to for sales in Canada.

9: Mazda3 Sedan Fully Revealed Thanks to Top Gear Russia

Mazda’s mini-6 sedan is completely revealed, and by the Russians no less

This is just the start of the Mazda 3 onslaught in the Top 10 list. The new compact has set a new standard for design in the class.

8: J.D. Power and Associates VDS Released

J.D. Power and Associates Reports: Overall Vehicle Dependability Continues to Improve; Toyota Brands Capture 7 Best in Segment, GM 4

People want to know what cars they can rely on. J.D. Power and Associates is the go-to by click votes.

7: AJAC TestFest Category Winners Announced, Mazda Pulls Off Hat Trick

Mazda sweeps categories with new Mazda3, Mazda6

Mazda picked up honours in all categories they entered. But, will they be bestowed with Canadian Car Of The Year? We’ll find out in February.

6: My name is Ferrari. LaFerrari.

Maranello-based purveyor of speed shows up to Geneva with hybrid Enzo replacement

The Italians are dead set on making hybrids as environmentally unfriendly as possible. Cheers to them!

5: RAM Announces New Diesel Details and Pricing for 1500 Trucks

RAM updates its engine offering and provides a first-in-class turbo diesel, 8-speed automatic across the range. Prices start at $26,995.

Compression ignition is all the rage this year in pickups. RAM is first to the show and it pays off with your interest.

4: VW will sell Golf Wagon in Canada, unsure on GTD

Fans of long roof VWs rejoice! Golf Wagon destined to arrive on Canadian shores next year.

We’ve figured you out. New Golf + Wagon + Diesel = You clicking over and over again.

3: There’s A Camo’d Fisker Karma In Toronto For No Reason At All

Jalopnik tipster nabs shots of soon-to-be-dead Fisker model sporting some very unique paint.

The oddball of the list. You folks sure found this interesting and we aren’t entirely sure why.

2: Toyota Rolls Out 2014 Corolla

New model targets over 40 mpg (US) rating with a list of mechanical and aerodynamic improvements.

The Corolla is dead. Long live the Corolla!

1: Nearly 1 Million Kilometre Corolla Celebrated By Toyota Canada

Driving school instructor drives 998,000 kilometres in 2001 Corolla before trading in

And our top news item came as a surprise to us. The driving instructor’s Corolla, with nearly one million miles on the clock, spurred some hefty discussion and garnered the most clicks.

What was your favourite news item of the year? Let us know in the forum!

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