April 14, 2006

WreckedExotics.com expands site content with videos

Bellevue, Washington – WreckedExotics.com, a site featuring the Internet’s “largest collection of exotic car crash photos” has partnered with Zango, a leading provider of free premium online content, to deliver video from the Zango content syndication platform.

WreckedExotics.com has developed a cult following for its collection of photographs of more than 6,000 crashed exotic cars, including some of the most expensive automobiles ever produced — Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLaren F1s, Bugattis and more. Founded and maintained by an automobile mechanic, the site aims to demonstrate the “real consequences of reckless driving.”

The collaboration with Zango adds a new element to that demonstration — video clips of more than 60 automobile crashes. Users are required to download the Zango Search Assistant in order to access Zango-sponsored content.

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