Toronto, Ontario – Starting next week, Ontario drivers can vote for the worst roads in the province in the 7th annual Worst Road campaign, sponsored by CAA South Central Ontario.

The aim of the campaign is to pressure municipalities to use the money set aside for major road infrastructure projects. The auto club said that the federal government has set aside $1.9 billion, while the provincial government has pledged $400 million.

“Other levels of government have listened to our members’  and the public’s votes,” said Faye Lyons, External Affairs Specialist for CAA South Central Ontario. “It’s now time for mayors, reeves and regional chairs to do their part and access the money that has been earmarked for infrastructure improvements.”

Over 90 per cent of the roads that have made the top-twenty list of “Worst Roads” have been or are in the process of being fixed.

This year’s campaign has been extended to include roads, highways and bridges. Drivers can vote at Worst Roads from August 12 to September 30, 2009. Ballots can also be cast at CAA travel stores, car care centres and in select CAA-approved garages.

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